Alexandra Paszkowska


Alexandra Paszkowska

Buto-Dance Photographs courtesy of the artist

"By accident or destiny I met Sankai Juku at the Munich Theatre Festival. On an impulse, Ushio Amagatsu, Sankai Juku´s director, invited me to come and take photographs at the nearby 19th century Castle Neuschwanstein at six o´ clock the next morning, I accepted this invitation. When we met at the castle the next day, the company improvised moments from their performance Kikan Shonen (The Kumquat Seed) for me. Later, while Sankai Juku was in Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival, I asked the company if we could drive to the ocean. There at Berwick, I was given the unique opportunity of photographing Sankai Juku outdoors at sunrise. The color photographs you see here are the result of that extraordinary experience.

They have been published in the American Vogue, Stern, Spiegel and Andy Warhol´s INTERVIEW." Like Warriors From a Distant Star Münchner Merkur: "Alexandra Paszkowska has a genius for sculptural tranquility and the movement of the body, a sure sensitivity for partioning of area and the color. She has made Sankai Juku into a fine artistic phenomenon."

The artist Alexandra Paszkowska lives and works as an author and photographer in Munich, Germany.

Alexandra Paszkowska
Kaiserstrasse 38
80801 Munich, Germany
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