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Photographer Alexandra Paszkowska witnessed performances by the Sankai Juku Group and accompanied the dancers on their tours in the United States, Scotland, and at historic Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.

In the course of this fruitful collaboration between the dance group and the photographer - which was also an encounter between the essentially static genre of photography and the genre of the dance, which exists only in the moment - more than 150 energetic, bizarre and aesthetically beautiful photographs were taken. The photo- grapher's work combines the history of Japan with a gaze towards the New Millennium to create a highly concentrated and uncommonly profound series of images which adds another fascinating facet to the world of East Asian art and meditative forms.

The photographs give their viewers an opportunity to become better acquainted with the Land of the Rising Sun and with the culture of Japan as expressed in bugaku (courtly dance and music), n˘ theater, kyogen (a kind of comedic drama) and bunraku (puppet theater). The history of the performing arts - and especially the blend of dance, drama, music and Zen - characterize but˘. These photos, which capture the most fruitful moments in time and space, are like an oasis of peace and contemplation amidst our everyday flood of multimedia images.

Buto-Tänzer, Color print, 1982

Buto-Dance, color print, 1982 verso signed, dated, personally inscribed und numbered as one of ten prints

48,5:60,5cm | sold for € 1023.00

The auction took place at 28th of November 2001

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